Strong corporate governance is an integral part of the Company’s core values and affects the way we direct our company and the relationship we have with interested parties. We believe that the highest standards of corporate governance are essential to our business integrity, performance and sustainable growth mission. Gulf General is committed to have sound corporate governance principles and practices.

Corporate Governance is the system by which the company shall be monitored by its management to serve the best interest of the shareholders and provide best services to its customers.

The Board of Directors shall cooperate with the Company management team to achieve this objective.

This Policy is defined in accordance with the requirements of the supervisory authorities and the philosophy of GGI. The purpose is to create and maintain corporate governance policies and practices that reflect the needs of the market and the entity concerned with the regulation of the market and expectations of the shareholders and the other parties dealing with the Company.

This policy ensures applying the following Corporate Governance principles:

  • Protection of shareholders rights

  • Disclosure and transparency

  • Responsibilities of Board of Directors

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Efficient service to customer