Individual Insurance Solutions


The Medical Malpractice Insurance provides protection for medical professionals from the risks associated with their work and liability towards third parties that may result from a wrong act, negligence, or omission committed during the practice of work, according to the conditions and exceptions described in the insurance policy. The appropriate coverage limits can be chosen from among the options available through the policy, which may extend from one year and up to 3 years, thus ensuring peace of mind and full protection for a long period will positively affect the performance of work in an atmosphere of reassurance.

The insurance policy covers the value of compensation ordered by courts to a private right of the insured who caused a damage to the patient resulting from error, negligence or omission during the practice of their profession, with maximum limits ranging between 100,000 and 500,000 S.R. either for one claim or for the total claims in the duration of the policy and in accordance with its terms and conditions.