Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is an integral part of the company's core values as it affects the way we manage our company and our relationship with stakeholders. We believe that applying the highest standards in corporate governance is fundamental to our business integrity, performance and sustainable growth.

Corporate governance is the system through which companies are directed and controlled by their management to achieve the best interest of shareholders and others.

The Corporate Governance Regulation is a system of rules, policies, and practices dictate how the GGI manages and oversees its operations.

This regulation is restricted in accordance with the regulations of the regulatory authorities and the company's philosophy, and to maintain the corporate governance policies and practices of the Gulf General Cooperative Insurance Company, which reflect the needs of the market, the authority responsible in regulating the market and the expectations of shareholders and others who deal with the company. The Board of Directors cooperates with the company's management team to achieve this goal.

This regulation ensures applying the following principles of Corporate Governance:

  • Protecting shareholders’ rights
  • Disclosure and transparency
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Conflict of interest

Corporate Governance Regulations


Minutes from the completed General Assembly Meetings
Meeting Type Meeting Date Minutes
Extraordinary 19 Mar, 2024 Download File
Ordinary 21 Jun, 2023 Download File
Ordinary 13 Feb, 2023 Download File
Ordinary 27 Jun, 2022 Download File
Ordinary 11 Apr, 2022 Download File
Extraordinary 28 Jun, 2021 Download File
Ordinary 29 Jun, 2020 Download File
Extraordinary 07 Oct, 2019 Download File
Ordinary 19 Jun, 2019 Download File
Ordinary 14 Feb, 2019 Download File
Ordinary 24 May, 2018 Download File
Extraordinary 15 May, 2017 Download File
Ordinary 17 Feb, 2016 Download File